The Baowry Blog

You may know us as that cute little food cart in front of that scary looking crackhouse on Ivanhoe and Charleston that serves really tasty food. Last week we got some awesome news. We've been given the opportunity to transform that scary crackhouse into our restaurant. While we'll still be using the cart as our kitchen our plan is to use the house as an indoor seating area, expand our menu and serve beer, wine and fun champagne cocktails. In this blog we'll chronicling the construction and progress by posting photos, stories and video about the construction.

May 28

Some before pictures of the house.  Today we did some demolition in the front room.  Knocked down the Jackson Pollock wall and completely stripped the kitchen of its cabinets and various rotting foods! There is still a ton of cosmetic work to be done but we’re making headway and hope to be open by August 15th